Raphael Warshaw

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artist statement

"Time is distributed along a path from an unknowable past to an unfathomable future with history and memory as waypoints.  Size likewise is a point along a scale from infinitesimal to panoptic.  A photograph is a single coordinate of both time and scale.  I want the viewer to think about scale and time from a place of my choosing - if it's blatant they will only note the single place and time - if it's subtle they may see and feel beyond it."



Raphael Warshaw (b. 1942 Kingston, NY) began photographing while in military service. In the year prior to being discharged from the army, he took evening courses at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) and spent a year at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles before moving to New York where he completed a degree in Art History.  In the late 1970’s after working as an editorial, architectural and annual reports photographer, he changed course in favor of a career in medical research.  He is now an MFA candidate in photography at George Mason University and will graduate in 2015.


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